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Life After Death: Séances

A séance is a session where participants gather to try and contacts spirits on the other side.  The practice arose with Spiritualism, a religion that espouses the belief that spirits of the dead are able and willing to communicate with the living. It rose in popularity from the 1840s until the 1920s, mostly in the Western world.  Spiritualists believe the soul lives on after death and has opportunities to learn, give messages, and improve itself.  They also believe in Infinite [...]

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Near-Death Experiences

What is a near-death experience? We all die eventually; that’s a fact everyone learns to accept.  But for a relatively minor few, dying is not permanent.  Due to inexplicable reasons, these people die – clinically, medically, legally – and then come back to life.  And what they tell from their experiences is extraordinary.  Because the individual has come alive again, their memories are known as “near-death experiences” although it would be more appropriate to call them “after-death” or “life-after-life” experiences. [...]

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Life After Death: Taoism

Taoism, Confucianism and Chinese folk religion stem from similar roots, so they share a perspective on life after death.  Actually, some people even say religions like Taoism and Confucianism are not spiritual in orientation, rather they are ethical systems for how to run society and behave in good conduct.  It could be said that Confucianism focuses on social and moral guidelines, while Taoism emphasizes the individual, mystical side of life. Even though spirits, ancestors and deities are believed to exist, Taoism and [...]

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The world’s most popularly practiced religions all have pronounced and different ways of marking the passing of a person into the afterlife.  The emphasis is on spending time with the body and watching over as well as honouring the remains.  A funeral, like a wedding or a birth, is a time for the family and community to come together, remember, mourn and celebrate the person who was lost.  Because the major religions all hold a belief in a continuing soul, [...]

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  No parent wants to deal with the terrible truth of losing one of their children, but unfortunately it’s a reality the world over.  Even in developed countries, as many as 50 000 children are lost each year due to accidents, diseases and congenital abnormalities.  In less developed countries, the child mortality rate is much, much higher because of starvation, malnutrition and epidemics of HIV, malaria, cholera and dysentery. For people forced to endure the loss of a child, following [...]

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The Christian faith runs along a very broad spectrum of beliefs and denominations, so Christian ideas about the afterlife vary widely.  In general, though, the theology states that a person’s soul lives on after death and ascends to Heaven or descends to Hell.  After a waiting period, Jesus will return to the earth in the Second Coming.  There will be a Judgment Day, on which every person is assessed and given either eternal rewards or punishment. Crucial to this discussion [...]

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