When we suffer the loss of a child, the guilt can consume us. We might wonder if we will ever find a spark of happiness again. We sat down with writer and speaker Annie Mattingley, who imparted some wisdom she learned after the loss of her daughter.

Annie’s Path to After-Death Communicator

Annie Mattingley’s path to becoming an after-death communication researcher didn’t take the most conventional route. After being in the room when both of her parents died, she became a hospice worker. However, it wasn’t until her daughter Randi committed suicide that her life completely changed.

When speaking of the loss of her daughter, Annie remains speechless at the pain she felt. However, she reflects that “possibly the very first thing that I discovered – or, over time, anyway – was that I can survive anything after surviving that…And thriving, not just surviving…But I feel that I am thriving. I know that whatever life throws at me, I can take it.”

After-Death Communication

A few weeks after Randi’s death, Annie received an after-death communication from her daughter. Waking up with a river of energy coursing through her body, Annie states that she just “knew” it was her daughter trying to talk to her. After feeling immense relief that her daughter was okay, Annie recalls that Randi would visit her often.

During Randi’s regular visits, Annie expressed her concern that her grief was keeping her daughter from passing over to the other side. Randi explained that the afterlife is entirely different than her human life. She expressed that she could be in multiple places at the same time.

Over time, Annie realized that Randi visited her loved ones in different ways. She appeared as a butterfly to her daughter, and in a vision to her stepfather. Randi even visited a friend who didn’t know she had died!

What Lessons Did Annie Learn from Randi’s Death?

Annie Mattingley learned many lessons from her daughter’s death that she now imparts to others. She started speaking to others about their after-death communications from loved ones. There is a common element to everyone’s stories, which Annie includes in her book, The After Death Chronicles.

Death is Not the End

Since Randi has been communicating with Annie, she has learned that death is not the end of existence. Even though we leave our physical bodies, we still exist. This brought Annie immense comfort, and she no longer fears death.

Death Does Not End a Relationship

After our loved ones leave us, death doesn’t end our relationship with them. They are still present, and we are still connected with them. Although we will always miss family members who have passed on, healing is possible. Most importantly, according to Annie, “if there is unfinished business, you can fix it.”

You Are Not Responsible for the Death of Your Loved One

The most profound lesson Annie Mattingley learned from her daughter is that she was not responsible for Randi’s death. Whether it is by suicide, illness, or natural causes, Annie insists that all parents feel some guilt after their child dies. She urges those who have lost those close to them to stop blaming themselves to find peace.

Annie Mattingley has published a book on her research into after-death communications, The After Death Chronicles. She is also working on organizing a workshop, which will help others deal with grief and connecting with those who have passed on. You can find more information on her website.

Have you had an after-death communication? Do you believe in the soul connection that continues after death? Share your story and your thoughts below!