Do you believe in previous lives? What if you could access those lives? How would knowing about your previous lives help you in this life?

In this interview, Margaret Manning interviews Dr. Linda Backman of the Raven Heart Center, prolific author, regression therapist, and licensed psychotherapist, about past life regression and what it could mean to our lives today.

What is the Point of Learning about Past Lives?

Margaret gets right to the point by asking Dr. Backman directly, “What would be the point of learning about our past lives?” Dr. Backman says that after 26 years of guiding clients, she believes that the soul is required to learn. Our souls are not perfect, and we come into our bodies to learn and grow through our free will choices.

The value of learning about a past life is that people are able to discover how a past life is affecting them today, or what do they need to remember that they learned in a past life that they aren’t using today. If we don’t learn, we don’t progress, and we will repeat the same experience over and over and over.

Where Does a Soul Start?

The soul starts at a divine level and is an aspect of the divine. Dr. Backman says that people can call this whatever they like; the divine, the source, the great spirit, god, or whatever name feels best to them. The soul starts as a fragment of the highest frequency of power that is in the universe.

If souls are here to learn, what is it that they are supposed to learn and what is the point? If the soul learns what is supposed to, what happens then?

Dr. Backman says that souls are here to learn about integrity, how to care for the earth and all the living beings on it, to learn that all people are equal.

Is a Soul’s Mission on an Individual Level?

Margaret asks if a soul’s mission or learning capacity is an individual action or is it enhanced by relationships? Dr. Backman says that this is a complex question but in short, think of relationships as the sandpaper of growing and learning. This doesn’t mean only romantic relationships, but other types of relationships, including friendships, children, family, and grandchildren.

Sandpaper has fine grain and coarse grain. Some relationships are more of a coarse grain type of sandpaper, really smoothing out rough spots, while others are more of a refinement, like the work that fine grain sandpaper does.

Are We Punished in Our Next Lives for Our Actions or Inactions in a Current or Past Life?

The answer to this is yes and no. While we aren’t necessarily “punished”, we are held accountable by our spiritual guides. We all have spiritual guide(s) who is understanding about what happened in our previous life, but they do hold you accountable for your actions or inactions.

People do have a “say” in what their next life will be. If, for example, you had a very easy life or you did terrible things in your past life, you might choose to balance the scales, by picking a more difficult life in the upcoming life.

Life Themes

Dr. Backman says that most of her patients, after going through regression therapy, say that they learn things that they don’t want to repeat or things that they don’t want to do with their lives, so they are able to make changes in this life.

Other themes include everyone makes mistakes, everyone learns from their errors, everyone can made amends or make changes based on their experiences. These are some of the most common recurring themes people experience.

Souls move together in what Dr. Backman calls “Soul Pods.” We come into our lives with almost always the same group of souls, which is to say that we interact with the same people regardless of which life we are experiencing at the time. People who feel they met their “soul mate” at an early age or if you have ever disliked or not trusted someone without knowing why, Dr. Backman says these feelings come from interactions with these people in past lives.

Margaret asks the most fascinating and intriguing questions and Dr. Backman explains things in a way that makes this subject easy to understand. This interview has so much information, it’s an absolute must-see.

What would you want to know about your past lives? Would you want to know how you crossed over? Do you think we are better off not knowing about our past lives? Join in the conversation and let’s talk about reincarnation!