One of life’s biggest questions isn’t about life; it’s about what happens after we die. What is the afterlife really like? We have misconceptions about the afterlife that can make us afraid of death. We spoke to Suzanne Giesemann, a medium, teacher, and author, on the ideas we have about the afterlife.

Spirits Can’t Occupy a Body

One of the biggest misconceptions we have about spirits is that they cannot occupy a human body after they have died. Many souls will visit the earthly plane after they die. They can recreate their time on Earth in the afterlife by inhabiting a body, especially if it fulfills a purpose.

Suzanne recalls one of the spirits she encountered, who had a leg amputated before he died. He inhabited the body of a golf enthusiast so he could enjoy his favorite sport in the afterlife. Not every spirit will do this; it just depends on the dead person’s needs and desires.

The Dead Don’t Think About Their Families

Some think that the dead don’t think about their families after they die, but this isn’t true. Spirits return to the mortal realm to look after their loved ones in many ways. Sometimes, the dead just want to check on their families and friends. They also use mediums to relate advice or information for the present or the future.

During our interview, Suzanne recalled one of the spirits she encountered in her work. The young man committed suicide, and he returned to tell his family that he hadn’t been taking his medication for his bipolar disorder. The spirit also comforted his parents, telling them that his death wasn’t their fault; he would never have killed himself if he kept taking his medication.

The Afterlife is Boring

If the spirits of our loved ones are constantly venturing into our lives, then they must be pretty bored in the afterlife – right? Actually, according to Suzanne Giesemann, not necessarily. Although the afterlife is far from exciting, it isn’t dull, either.

Spirits pursue fun activities they enjoyed during their earthly life, but the afterlife is peaceful. Suzanne remarks, “…it’s so incredibly love-filled, like a warm blanket that you wrap around yourself straight out of the dryer.” Who wouldn’t want that waiting for them after the end of their mortal life?

Spirits Feel Isolated in the Afterlife

There is also a misconception that spirits feel isolated in the afterlife. As humans, we fear being alone, and this translates to the afterlife. We are scared of never seeing our loved ones again. Suzanne assures us that this state of mind doesn’t exist in the spirit world.

When we exist in our spiritual state, there is no such thing as location – or “here” and “there.” We live in a higher state of consciousness in which we are pure energy. To reunite with our families and loved ones, all we have to do is think of them. Our souls, or the spiritual energy that connects us, will lead us to the people we love in the afterlife.

Suzanne Giesemann is a former Navy Commander who became a medium after the sudden death of her stepdaughter. She writes books, teaches classes, and hosts a radio show to educate the public on communication between humans and spirits.

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