Even if you are confident that life after death exists, you probably still have plenty of questions about the afterlife. So, to understand your questions better, I recently asked our community to share their questions about the afterlife. Their responses were insightful and show the spectrum of questions that we all have somewhere in our hearts.

Here are some of the many questions that we have about the afterlife:

Does it Matter What We Do Here on Earth?

Several people in the community asked whether there is really a connection between the afterlife and our time here on earth. Does it really matter whether we live good lives, go to church, or believe in a particular view of the afterlife? Or, will we all have the same experience in the afterlife regardless of our decisions here?

This is a fascinating question and it gets to the heart of organized religion. How much of our spiritual behavior is driven by our desire to receive tangible “rewards” in the afterlife and how much is driven by our internal moral compass?

Will the Mysteries of the Universe be Explained?

There is a feeling that, while we are here on Earth, our knowledge is limited. Several people asked whether our understanding of the universe will be expanded in the afterlife.

Will God reveal his secrets to us? Or, will we simply have more time to explore and find answers for ourselves once we are no longer bound by space and time?

Is there a Way to Communicate from the Afterlife?

Another popular question was whether people who have died can communicate with us in some way. Are the two types of existence fundamentally disconnected and different? Or, is it possible to communicate with people on earth in some way?

If we are able to communicate with the deceased, what form would this communication take and would we need a body of some kind to send it?

Do We Have Bodies in the Afterlife?

In a previous article, I discussed the downsides that we might experience if we do not have bodies in the afterlife. Would life after death be somewhat muted if we were not able to feel the emotions that flow through our bodies on chemically fueled wings? Is it possible to feel human without the desire to protect and nurture our bodies? These are all fascinating questions to consider.

Is Life After Death Final? Or, Do We Get to Come Back Again?

Some people in the community asked questions about whether the afterlife is our final destination or whether we get to come back to earth again. One possibility would be that we come back to earth through reincarnation. Another might be that God decides to repopulate the earth at some point in the future for his own reasons. What do you think? Is death final?

Will I See My Family Members Again?

This is one of the most common wishes that we all have for the afterlife. Almost all of us have lost family and friends over the years and we would love to see them again.

There are deeper questions here though. What happens if we believe in a different religion than our loved ones? Will we still go to the same place?

If we lose a child, will they be grown up in the afterlife?

Will our pets also be waiting for us in the afterlife?

Since our loved ones are so important to us, these questions get to the very heart of what the afterlife will be like.

I Don’t Have Any Questions!

A surprising number of people in the community said that they either knew everything that they needed to about the afterlife, or that they didn’t want to know what happens. Some people said that their religion tells them everything that they need to know. Others mentioned that they want the afterlife to be a surprise.

Personally, I think that the questions are the best part of the process. Life after death is a fascinating topic. People have been discussing the afterlife for as long as there were people and I’m sure that they will be discussing it until the very end!

What additional questions do you have about life after death? Why not write them down and start a discussion with your family?