From the beginning of time, people have wondered about the mysteries of the afterlife. Our religious traditions give us glimpses of what life after death might be like, but, the big questions are still a matter of debate. To dig into this important issue, I asked the members of our community to tell us their questions about the afterlife. Their responses were fascinating!

Here are a few more questions about the afterlife. Please let me know your views on each of these in the comments section at the end of this article.

Are We Born with a Belief in the Afterlife?

Children tend to have a belief in the afterlife. It’s just difficult to imagine “not being” when we are younger.

As we age, we are able to collect information and make our own decisions. But, the question is, where does our initial instinct about the afterlife come from? Are we simply unable to imagine “nothingness?” Or, do we have residual knowledge of the afterlife left over from the time before we were born?

People with different religious beliefs may have quite different answers to this question. After all, this question is linked to the larger issue of whether there is a connection between our experience on earth and in the afterlife. Are the two realities able to influence each other? Or are they joined in some way?

Will the Meaning of Life Become Clear After We Die?

One of the biggest questions of all time is why we are here. Are our bodies simply the result of natural selection? If so, perhaps our purpose is simply to live and reproduce. Or, has a greater power put us here for his own purpose? If the latter is the case, then we are more likely to understand his plan after we die.

Of course, the sacred writings of the world’s religions give some hints to their followers. But, regardless of what you believe, our understanding here on earth is likely to be a shadow of what it will be when we are brought into closer contact with the divine.

Do Animals Also Go to Heaven?

This may seem like a frivolous question. After all, does it really matter if our pets are waiting for us in the afterlife? This question is actually more interesting than it first appears.

For starters, it hints at the larger question of whether non-human beings have souls. If so, are the souls of animals different in some way than humans? Furthermore, where do we draw the line? Does a dog have a soul? What about a hamster… or a snail?

Ultimately, we need to separate the question of whether we want our pets to be waiting for us in the afterlife, which of course we do, and the question of whether, on a metaphysical level, this is possible.

Do We Have Emotions in the Afterlife?

Your initial response to this question might be, “of course!” But, think about it for a second. On a biological level, our emotions are linked to chemicals in our bodies. If we do not have bodies in the afterlife (another great question in and of itself), how can we feel emotions at all?

One possible answer is that our emotions are “elevated” in the afterlife. Instead of feeling the wide range of emotions that we do here on earth – hate, love, lust, disgust, fear – perhaps we feel only “higher” emotions like love and a connection with the divine.

Are Humans the Only Creatures in the Afterlife?

I love this question! As we know from science, the universe is enormous. There are literally billions of planets in the universe and it is highly likely that many of these can support life. Of course, we can never know God’s plans, but, it seems logical to ask, “Why would God go to all the trouble of building a massive universe, filled with inhabitable planets, only to leave it barren and devoid of life?”

If we believe that life probably exists on other planets, this brings up a few fascinating questions. First, do other intelligent beings have souls and, if so, do they experience life after death? Second, if aliens do have an afterlife, is it in the same place as ours?

I for one would find it fascinating to interact with different intelligent species in the afterlife! Think of all the amazing things that they could tell us about how the universe works, from a completely different perspective than our own.

Are Near Death Experiences Real?

In recent years, it has become trendy to talk about near death experiences (NDEs) as “proof” of the afterlife. While there is no denying that NDEs are powerful experiences and that they share many common attributes, they may not tell us as much about the afterlife as we think.

The truth is that we simply don’t know the significance of the memories that form while our heart as stopped but our brain is still working. Perhaps this is another mystery that will be solved for us when we leave this world and enter the next.

Which of these questions do you find most fascinating? Are there any other questions that you have about life after death that you would like to ask the community?