After death communication is a touchy subject. Although many people have experienced spirit contact after the loss of a loved one, no one wants to talk about it. Annie Mattingley, an after-death communications researcher, sat down with us today to share some examples of how the dead speak to the living featured in her new book, The After Death Chronicles.

Bringing Death into the Light

After Annie Mattingley’s daughter Randi died in 2010, an after death communication comforted Annie through her grief. She didn’t share the story of Randi’s visit at first, thinking it hadn’t happened to anyone else. When Annie finally told someone about how Randi contacted her after she died, she learned that “everyone had a story to tell.”

As Annie started speaking to people she knew and meeting others, everyone freely shared their stories of after death communications. There were so many stories, and they were all eerily similar to Annie’s own experiences. After learning about how many connections there were between the worlds of the dead and the living, Annie compiled all of the stories in her book The After Death Chronicles.

Spirit Communication Through Nature

Annie revealed Randi’s visit to her Spanish teacher, who had a similar experience of spirit communication through nature. After her mother died, Annie’s Spanish teacher recalled that her mother would return to her in the form of a white butterfly. She would encounter this white butterfly all the time, and she knew it was her mother looking out for her.

Visits from Our Loved Ones

The spirits of our loved ones visit us after they pass away. Annie tells the story of one woman who was dealing with a power outage. With no A/C, no fans, and no moving air, she lights two candles to give herself some light. As she sits “in the stillness,” as Annie puts it, the woman asks herself, “If my father were to visit me right now, how would he do it?” Suddenly, the two candles went out – as if someone blew on them.

We can also make plans with our loved ones to meet after death. During their last visit together, Annie Mattingley recalls when her friend Anne told her a story about saving a sparrow. After Anne died a few days later, she visited as a sparrow while Annie worked in her garden.

The Power of Scent

Although this phenomenon is rarer than others, spirits can influence scents. These strong, distinct scents are associated with items they used in their mortal lives. For example, Annie explains that one college student shared that she knew the spirit of her grandfather was present when she smelled his pipe smoke in her dorm room. Another woman recalls smelling ointment and liverwurst when the soul of a loved one is near.

Dreams and Visions

While spirits will visit us in both dreams and visions, Annie claims that people are more accepting of dreams. When spirits come to us, they often have a message. The dead share lessons with the living through dreams and visions to help those left behind move through their grief.

After Annie’s parents died weeks apart, she felt incredibly abandoned and resentful. Soon after their deaths, she had a dream where her parents were ballroom dancing. While her mother was a talented ballroom dancer, her father had polio as a child and walked with canes. Annie recalls feeling relieved after waking from the dream because her parents were engaged in an activity “they never got to do in life.”

A former hospice worker, Annie Mattingley is an after death communications researcher. Her book, The After Death Chronicles, is a collection of stories of contact between spirits and their loved ones. You can learn more about after death communications on Annie’s website.

What are your experiences with after death communications? Would it scare you, or would it bring you peace? Let’s have a conversation!