From the beginning of time, we have been fascinated by the concept of life after death. Simply put, we all want to know what happens to us after we die.

Will we see the people that we have lost?

Will we have bodies in the afterlife?

Do animals go to heaven?

Are near-death experiences (NDEs) real?

Is there any evidence that life after death is real?

Does it matter what we do here on Earth and do our deeds pave our way to heaven?

Will the mysteries of the universe be explained in the afterlife?

Can we speak with the dead?

Is reincarnation real? Or is death our final destination?

Do all people have an innate belief in life after death?

Are our emotions destroyed when we die?

These are just a few of our many questions.

On this site, you will find a calm and honest analysis of the afterlife. Our philosophy section talks about the logical basis for believing in life after death. We also explore what science has to say about the afterlife and near-death experiences.

In our life after death quotes section, you will find words of wisdom from famous thinkers like Steve Jobs, Corazon Aquino, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Lao Tzu, Napoleon Bonaparte, George MacDonald, Isaac Asimov, Marcus Aurelius, Confucius, Ashley Montagu, Khalil Gibran and many others.

We even explore the lighter side of this topic in our books and movies sections. We hope that you find the selection of videos and books on this site inspiring and useful! Explore movies like Heaven is for Real, What Dreams May Come, Defending Your Life, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Heaven Can Wait, the Frighteners and many others!

Join us as we talk about life after death in a rigorous and respectful way. We are looking forward to exploring the afterlife with you. You are welcome here!

With warmth and gratitude,

Margaret Manning