Do you believe that we have lived before? What if you could discover your past lives through hypnotherapy? What would you like to know about your previous lives?

Margaret speaks with Dr. Linda Backman, licensed psychologist and regression therapist on the subject of past lives. Dr. Backman has published three books in this area, as well as being the founder of The Raven Heart Center website and regression center that is located in Boulder, Colorado.

What Does a Regression Therapist Do?

Margaret gets right to the point and says that while she does know what a psychologist does, she wondered what a regression therapist is all about. Dr. Backman is quick to point out that a regression therapist does not need to be a licensed psychologist.

A regression therapist needs to know how to guide a client into relaxation and how to guide the client into the discovery of a past life at a soul level. It is basically hypnosis, which makes some people nervous, but it’s really nothing more than a deep sense of relaxation.

Why Would a Person Want to Do This?

What would a person hope to achieve by examining possible past lives?  Dr. Backman explains that there are a variety of reasons people do this, with one of the main reasons being that they want to know that there is some purpose to life and what happens after they die.

Others want to know what has happened to their loved ones after they have died. Still others want to know who they were in the past and how that might be influencing them today.

Margaret talks about how childhood trauma affects who a person is today without them even being aware of it and Dr. Backman says that a current trauma or traumatic event during childhood could simply be a continuation of a past life issue.

What Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?

When a client comes to Dr. Backman seeking information about a past life, she points out that she is not the one who chooses which past life the client will return to. It’s the client’s spiritual guide and/or soul level that determines which past life would be more beneficial for the client to learn about at that time.

After an interview, the client is put into a relaxed state of hypnosis, and the right hemisphere of the brain becomes more active. Dr. Backman says that she will ask the client to step into a metaphoric scene and let the client take it from there.

Most clients tend to “show up” talking about a past life in their early adult years, such as the 20s or 30s, but they could even talk about an earlier time, if they died young in their previous life.

Margaret asks what do most clients say after their initial session? Dr. Backman says, “it’s a little bit like the deer in the headlight look”. The client might feel a bit overwhelmed and wonder where all that content came from. After asking some questions about the experience, Dr. Backman says that the client usually accepts what has occurred.

Clients can discover that they were a different sex, they can talk about other people in their past lives, or they can simply talk about themselves.

What is a Between Lives Soul Regression?

When a client talks about their past life, and they go all the way to the end of that life, the client will talk about what they experience as the body dies and the soul energy that caused them to occupy a body in the first place. Sometimes spiritual guides show up to help the newly deceased soul, but Dr. Backman says that clients tend to learn more about themselves when they talk about the between lives soul experience.

Some clients simply want to know about their past lives, but others are aware of the between lives soul and they seek information about that specifically.

Margaret teased us by hinting that she and Dr. Backman were going to do another interview regarding interplanetary past life regression. We can’t wait to find out more information about this fascinating subject in their next interview.

Do you believe that hypnosis can reveal past lives? How can the information in a past life help us in our current life? Do you believe that you have lived before?