The death of your child is life’s enduring tests. How do we recover from this loss? We spoke with Suzanne Giesemann, who has experienced this tragedy herself. A former United States Navy Commander and noted skeptic, Suzanne became a teacher, author, and evidence-based medium after the sudden death of her stepdaughter Susan.

Our Loved Ones Remain with Us After They Die

As difficult as losing a child can be, our loved ones remain with us after they die. In recounting the deeply personal story of her stepdaughter’s death, Suzanne Giesemann admits that she was a noted skeptic. In trying to move through her grief, Suzanne grew frustrated in visits to therapists and other professionals. She states “people can’t relate if they haven’t gone through it.”

However, a visit to a medium completely changed her outlook. Suzanne recounted the experience when the medium described her stepdaughter and unborn grandson in the room. Suzanne knew then that our loved ones remain with us after they die.

In the years since, Suzanne Giesemann has become a teacher and a medium herself, and she helps others communicate with their loved ones who have passed. She explains that life – including after death – is a never-ending journey. Even after we die, we remain with our loved ones to help them move forward through their grief.

Suzanne explains that some spirits have different connections to the Earth. There are some that stay with their loved ones for comfort or to make sure they are safe and happy. Other spirits, who might be more spiritually mature, will come and go between the afterlife and the mortal realm.

What Are Some Positive Ways to Recover from the Tragedy of Losing a Child?

Suzanne Giesemann recommends some positive ways to recover from the tragedy of losing a child. These practical methods, which she teaches in her many books and interviews, can help anyone through the pain of losing any loved one – not only a child or a family member. They transition the feelings of grief to feelings of acceptance.

Believe That Your Child Is Still with You

The most important step to finding peace is believing that your child is still with you. Whether you visit a medium or not, having that belief will bring you a degree of comfort during the most trying times. Believing that your loved one isn’t really gone can help you move through the grieving process in a much healthier way.

Spirits of our children and loved ones find ways to communicate with us after they have passed away. This is why believing they are still with us is so important. If we are not open to their presence, then we close ourselves off from seeing the evidence that they are trying to speak with us.

Understand How Spirits Communicate

Understanding how spirits communicate is the best way to identify when your loved one is present and is trying to contact you. Knowing what to look for is the second step in moving forward in the grieving process.

According to Suzanne and others, spirits communicate in several different ways. They can manipulate birds and butterflies, and they usually use these animals to make contacts with the living. Spirits also have the power to influence our thoughts: they can bring forth memories and observations in the living about the spirit. These thoughts, known as the “Droplets of God,” are usually triggered by something that reminds the living of a lost loved one.

You should educate yourself on how spirits try to make their presence known on Earth. Read books, watch documentaries, or listen to interviews on all subjects relating to the afterlife and communication with spirits. This information will prepare you for when the spirit of your loved one reaches out to you.

The most common ways that spirits make their presence known is by moving or manipulating objects and electronics. Many of us have experienced events we can’t explain. Those objects that move on their own or randomly disappear? Or how about when your television randomly turns on and off? The spirit of your child might be communicating with you.

Be Open to the Signs That Your Loved One is Trying to Speak with You

Suzanne advises being open to the signs that your loved one is trying to speak with you. Grief can shut us down emotionally, so it is important to keep ourselves receptive to any communications. You can do this by calming yourself through meditation or sitting in a silent room. This will open up our minds, hearts, and souls to speaking with our loved ones in the spirit world.


Suzanne Giesemann is the author of thirteen books, and her classes teach others how to be open to communicating with our loved ones. Suzanne also hosts Messages of Hope, a weekly radio show where mediums and other professionals discuss how spirits communicate with the living. She considers educating the world on the connections between the human and the spirit world her mission in life, and she “can’t think of one that’s better than to let people know that love never dies.”

Have any of these methods helped you recover from the loss of a child? What other approaches have you used? Let’s start a conversation!