The death of your child is one of the most devastating events you can ever survive. You never stop feeling the loss, and you may lay awake at night wondering if you will ever find peace.

We spoke with Suzanne Giesemann, a medium who has written several books on mediumship and how the living and spirit world are connected. She explains how speaking with your child can help you through your grieving process.

Suzanne Giesemann’s Story of Love and Loss

Suzanne Giesemann was not always a medium; in fact, she was a harsh skeptic. Her rational approach to life, including her career as a Navy Commander, never left any room for considering the relationship between the living and the dead. Although she was one of the first responders after 9/11, it wasn’t until she lost her stepdaughter in a tragic accident that Giesemann understood her abilities.

After the death of her stepdaughter, Susan, Suzanne Giesemann tried to find comfort in mental health professionals. When these trips proved unsuccessful, she visited an evidence-based medium. The medium communicated with Susan, revealing to Suzanne that her stepdaughter’s spirit was nearby.

Still Right Here: The Connection Between the Spirit World and the Living

During their sessions, Suzanne found more comfort than any other time since the loss of her stepdaughter. The medium proved that she was communicating with Susan by sharing details of her death, including how Susan felt before she died and what she was wearing. This confirmed to Suzanne that Susan’s spirit was still with her.

The idea that we “travel through life with our loved ones, we don’t leave them behind” brought Suzanne immense comfort, and it soothed her grief. Over time, Suzanne became an evidence-based medium herself. The loss of Susan and her research into mediumship awakened her own abilities, and she helps other families communicate with their loved ones in the spirit world.

“Shining Light” Parents: Those Who Have Lost a Child

In her book, Still Right Here, Suzanne describes the journey of her and her husband Ty, along with three other couples who have lost their children. She called the subjects of the book “Shining Light” parents. These are people who have survived their children, who serve as their light on the other side.

Suzanne Giesemann describes the afterlife as an individual experience for every soul. In the first weeks, months, or even years after their death, these spirits still feel connected to the human world. They will visit their loved ones often, leaving signs or guiding their friends and family through their grief.

How Do I Know My Child Is Trying to Communicate with Me?

Having been a grieving parent herself, Suzanne warns other parents who have lost their children – or anyone mourning a loved one – to remain open to the possibility that the deceased’s spirit is still present. Our minds and souls become so wrapped up in our grief that we can miss what is right in front of us. We can mistake the signs that our loved ones leave for us.

When we have loved ones in the spirit world, they will often try to communicate with us. According to Suzanne, they can flicker electronics, and spirits can influence birds, insects, and small animals to get our attention. She insists on using meditation to clear your mind and soul to remain open to these experiences. Suzanne claims that “by opening ourselves to those beliefs and focusing on love and the meditation creates space, helps us find the peace that is already within us…”

Did our talk with Suzanne bring you comfort? What other methods have you used to move forward after the loss of a loved one? Let’s have a conversation!