When you have a near-death experience, you never forget that feeling of higher awareness and complete, infinite love. What if you could feel that, right here on Earth?

Karen Newell is the founder of Sacred Acoustics, a company that supplies audio files that help us tap into our higher consciousness. Today, we spoke with her about how these recordings can help us replicate afterlife experiences in the mortal world.

What is Brain Wave Entrainment?

Brain wave entrainment changes our brain’s activity with specific sound frequencies. Depending on what we are doing, our minds emit brainwaves at higher or lower states. When we hear particular sounds, our brains will naturally react to them.

Karen Newell developed Sacred Acoustics when she was trying to find a way to quiet her mind to explore meditation. Like many others, she wanted to incorporate this practice into her routine, but her mind kept racing! Karen discovered that certain sounds helped clear her thoughts.

The science of brain wave entrainment combines monaural and binaural beats with other sounds. You can hear the difference between binaural beats, while monaural beats mix before they reach your ears. The combination of these rhythmic sounds alters your brainwaves to higher states of consciousness. Karen Newell states this process isn’t anything new: ancient cultures have used binaural beats, such as bowls and tuning forks during rituals, for thousands of years!

According to Karen, “Sound is a wonderful way to – kind of – put your mind somewhere else. All of us listen to music and put ourselves into another environment, but these specialized sounds are something that is known as brain wave entrainment… specific ways that we combine the frequencies harmonically to create this kind of atmosphere of being able to escape your thinking mind.”

What are the Benefits of Brain Wave Entrainment?

Brain wave entrainment provides several benefits for our physical, social, and emotional states. According to research, those who employed these audio recordings reported reduced anxiety, improved creativity and focus, and better personal relationships. They also claim that they have more spiritual understanding and intuition.

Quieting your mind

By using audio recordings, you can relax your mind. Our thoughts are constantly cluttered, whether it’s our to-do list, the day’s events, or issues we are trying to resolve. By eliminating the constant flow of ideas, questions, and problems that run through our minds, we get more in touch with our inner souls – or our consciousness.

Karen Newell is quick to point out that sound is only one way to still your thoughts. Each person should experiment with different methods to find what works for them. Any system you use to quiet your mind will help you become more intuitive, which is known as our “inner observer.” Karen states that this is “when you start to get aligned more with who you truly are.”

Heart-Rhythm Meditation

Once you have quieted the thoughts in your mind, you can start to focus on heart-rhythm meditation. When our hearts beat, it releases an electromagnetic field around our bodies that grow, depending on how we are feeling. By clearing our minds, we can focus on filling that field with positive emotions during heart-rhythm meditation. This improves our relationships with others, and it replicates the peace and the state of higher awareness reported during near-death experiences.

How Can Near-Death Experiences Change the Way We Approach Everyday Life?

When you use brain wave entrainment to calm your thoughts and focus on your heart rhythm, you can reproduce the sense of calm of near-death experiences and use them in your everyday life. Karen Newell assures us that you can feel that pure peace and love that you are only supposed to feel on the other side right here on Earth. As we grow up, we are taught to shield our feelings from others, so this process can be quite emotional for some.

Tapping into this higher state of consciousness allows you to see everything differently. You can deal with problems more efficiently, have healthier relationships, and be more productive. Most importantly, you can access the part of you that is “beyond the conscious mind” – our spirit or soul’s energy – to become the best version of ourselves.

However, we are generally becoming more comfortable with the connection between the mind and the soul. According to Karen, the soul is eternal, and “that changes everything because it’s a continuum. It doesn’t end when we die… Our awareness continues, and so it’s really important in our lives here and now to realize that and to understand that this continuum is a fact of life.”

Karen Newell founded Sacred Acoustics to help others get in touch with their inner consciousness and reach heightened states of awareness. The company traces brainwaves from near-death experiences and uses them to create the frequencies used in its products. On their website, Sacred Acoustics offers a free download starter audio file and free training videos to introduce others to brain wave entrainment.

Have you tried brain wave entrainment? Do you listen to nature sounds or other relaxing audio when you need to quiet your mind? Do you think brain wave entrainment is effective?