We are biologically programmed to survive. If your DNA could talk, it would tell you that the meaning of life is simple – to survive, replicate and protect your genetic investment.

The problem, of course, is that people are not simply biological (or even social) beings. We are also spiritual beings. Whether placed there by a quirk of nature or by the hand of a divine creator, our minds contain a second, more subtle desire, the quest for meaning and self-actualization.

But, if meaning and purpose are so important to our souls’ happiness, why do so few of us seek it out? Simply put, we cannot hear our souls’ voices over the steady drumbeat of “Survive! Survive! Survive!” played by our restless genes.

What is Survival in the Modern World?

When we lived in caves, the concept of survival was more literal than it is today. In the modern world, our brains’ survival machinery has replaced tigers with bosses, tribal credit with money and the instinct to procreate with the desire to mate.

The result is that most of us live in constant anxiety, looking for dangers around every corner and finding only phantoms.

A Life After Death Quote to Make You Think

Perhaps this is why so many philosophers, religious leaders and thinkers have encouraged us, over the years, to connect with our higher selves. They know that if we can just cut through the noise, we will find a little person inside who still knows how to dream of bigger things, who wants to change the world in wonderful ways.

One of my favorite quotes, along these lines, is by Norman Cousins. He said:

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us when we live. – Norman Cousins

Norman Cousins Life After Death Quote

Are You Fighting the Wrong Battle?

Death is inevitable. It is the ultimate destination of the rich and the poor, the wise and the foolish and the virtuous and the dishonorable.

Meaning, on the other hand, is far from ubiquitous. It is found in quiet moments of reflection and moments of sudden passionate action. It is at its best in the rare moments when our bodies, hearts minds and souls are in alignment. It is the place where passion and purpose meet.

So, do not fear void of death; fear the void of life. Do not spend your days hiding from imagined dangers; spend your days chasing created dreams. Shape the world in your image.

Let the single moment of your life be guided by the lights of passion and purpose and do not fear the darkness of eternity.

Do you agree that death is not the greatest loss in life? What are you doing to live your life with passion and purpose? Let’s have a chat!