Do you believe that we could have lived before? Could we have possibly had these past lives on other planets?

Today, Margaret speaks with psychologist, regression therapist, and author, Dr. Linda Backman. Dr. Backman has a new book, Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives, and her website, RavenHeartCenter.Com, talks about the idea that people have not only lived previous lives, but that they have done so on planets other than earth.

What Does Interplanetary Mean?

Dr. Backman says that she remembers her mentor telling her that “Sometimes we have past lives on earth and other times we have them on places other than earth.” At the time, she didn’t really understand what he had meant but during her time as a regression therapist, Dr. Backman says that some clients would begin to talk to her about lives they were having that did not occur on earth.

Looking over the past 15 year of previous clients, Dr. Backman began to see that approximately 50-60% of her clients talked about lives that did not occur here on earth.

Margaret had a difficult time framing her question, but she wanted to know if interplanetary meant on earth but another dimension or literally on another planet in this solar system?

Dr. Backman explains that this means interplanetary means yes, in the same time frame that we are living on earth, within a star system, on another planet, or in an interdimensional space that has no density, interplanetary means all of those things.

There are locations in the celestial realm where there is a healthy community where souls learn about a lack of inequality, what healthy lifestyles are, etc. These souls return to earth to try to pass that wisdom on to us.

A More Advanced Soul

If a soul is here on earth, they always come as a more advanced soul. The reason we live other lives is to learn and if souls have come from other planets, they must be a more advanced soul.

While some people believe that earth is one of the more challenging places for growth, others say that earth is actually an experiment. On earth, we have free will, and this planet is simply an experiment designed to see if humans can grow and evolve with free will.

Advanced souls come with gifts that are very unique, but they also come with challenges, such as struggles with nutritional and allergic reactions, some are labeled autistic, and many have autoimmune problems. Many are labeled when they are children as being ADHD. Dr. Backman believes that many empaths are advanced souls, and Margaret agreed that this would make sense.

Advanced Earth-Based Souls and Advanced Interplanetary Souls

Dr. Backman says that there is advanced earth-based souls, who have had an untold number of lives. While an earth-based soul may or may not be advanced, an interplanetary soul is always an advanced soul.

Advanced souls come to earth to contribute to the evolutionary advancement of earth-based souls. Interplanetary souls tend to suffer more on earth than earth-based souls.

Dr. Backman says that everything she has learned about earth-based souls and interplanetary souls is due to her work with her patients. She, herself, is an earth-based soul and has lived an untold number of lives over the millennials.

Interplanetary Soul and Self-Descriptions

Margaret wanted to know how Dr. Backman knew if someone was an interplanetary soul. “From my patients themselves”, Dr. Backman replies. She says that during regressions, some patients would describe bodies that were not human, such as having a smooth, reptile-like skin or two toes.

Dr. Backman would like to know where the makers of the movie Avatar got those ideas because the movie depicts descriptions that some of the patients have talked about.

Home Base and Employment on Earth

Most interplanetary souls have a “home base” that they can return to based on the frequency of the celestial realm that is a unique place. Some are completely mental in nature, and others are left brain and right brain interplanetary bases.

Interplanetary souls with a left-brain home base often choose professions such as engineers, technology workers, and more. Right brain souls become highly talented musicians, artists, or writers.

Souls are not an all or nothing being. If an interplanetary soul decided to come to earth in a physical body, they “slice” (for lack of a better word) a part of their soul to inhabit the body and have this learning experience, however, the majority of the soul, our “higher selves” remains in their interplanetary frequency.

Dr. Backman explains that since she is an earth-based soul, the remainder of her soul is tied to an earthly frequency or a spiritual frequency.

Margaret says that while this is a fascinating subject that she imagines would be very difficult for many people to understand.

Do you believe that you are an interplanetary soul or an earth-based soul? Do you believe in past lives? What is the most difficult aspect of interplanetary lives do you struggle with? Let’s talk about past lives and interplanetary bases.