When we lose someone we love, we always wish we could talk to them again. What if we could? Today, we spoke with Suzanne Giesemann, a metaphysical teacher and an evidence-based medium. She explains the connection between the human world and the spirit world and how we can communicate with those who have passed on.

What is Evidence-Based Mediumship?

Evidence-based mediumship is only one type of medium. Suzanne Giesemann describes her communication with spirits as an exchange of information. In her work, the spirits speak with her, sharing information “you can’t find on Google.”

Suzanne then shares this information with the family members of the deceased. It is often things that the family doesn’t know, and they have to verify it later. Giesemann claims that this type of mediumship leaves you completely positive in the communication between the living and the dead.

Many skeptics accuse mediums of just being perceptive when conducting a reading. Suzanne used to be a skeptic herself until a family tragedy awakened her abilities. This is why evidence-based mediumship is so important to Suzanne Giesemann and others like her. The information passed between the spirit and the medium is so specific that there is no way that the medium could know it.

What Does Communicating with the Spirit World Look and Feel Like?

When a medium communicates with the other side, he or she takes on several characteristics of the deceased. Suzanne describes feeling the spirit with her, and she can feel her soul merge with it. After this happens, she can feel the spirit’s personality and how they died.

During her sessions, Giesemann describes how those who have passed on speak to her. They will show her how they died in “flashes” that only she can see, and Suzanne can feel how the spirit felt right before they died. Suzanne can also see family members through the spirit’s eyes, which further shows her things she couldn’t possibly know.

How Do the Spirits Know They Can Communicate with Someone?

For those of us left behind, the most burning questions we have is: how do spirits know who can communicate with them? How can we talk to those who have passed on? According to Suzanne, our consciousness – or our souls – is what connects us to the spirit world.

The best way to communicate with spirits is to believe they are right next to you. Giesemann describes love as “the highest state of energy.” Since our souls are connected to those we loved, all we have to do to talk to those who have passed over is think of them or speak to them directly – even if it doesn’t seem like they are there. Our loved ones will always leave us signs that they can hear us.

As a medium who regularly makes connections with the spirit world, Suzanne Giesemann can share the experiences of those who have passed over. While every medium is different, Suzanne Giesemann describes what she does to let other spirits know they can talk to her. She denies the preconception that all mediums fall into a trance state; instead, Suzanne describes her own experience as a heightened state of awareness.

In her work, Giesemann makes appointments with the family members of the deceased who want to connect with their lost loved ones. Before the meeting, Suzanne describes her process as sending love outside of her body to the spirit world to make the connection. Since the spirits of our loved ones walk among us, they know when to communicate through her.

What Does the Afterlife Look Like?

After we lose the people we love – and we get closer to death ourselves – we may wonder what the afterlife looks like. If our loved ones are still with us, how can they wait for us on the other side? How can we speak to those we’ve lost if they are in the next world?

Suzanne Giesemann states that human thinking limits these types of questions. We can’t understand the soul – or consciousness – because our minds can’t comprehend it. What we can see, feel, and hear defines what we know. After we die, our souls survive, and they become eternal.

So, if our loved ones are still with us, what is their “life after death”? According to Suzanne, “it is a very creative reality, so it looks like whatever you want it to look like or whatever it is supposed to look like for that soul’s growth…It’s constantly changing, constantly evolving, for every individual soul.” Those still attached to their humanity will spend more time with their loved ones.

The spirit world has more impact on our lives than we think. The deceased can work on their loved ones’ behalf. They can place thoughts into our heads, and they can put us on a path to meet with a medium. In this way, the spirits of our loved ones can set up a meeting so that they can communicate with us.

Have you had any experiences with communicating with the spirit world? Have your loved ones tried to reach you from the other side? Let’s have a conversation!