In today’s interview, Andrew Harvey and I discuss life after death, sacred activism and the poems of Kabir. If you are looking for practical ways to connect with your essential spiritual nature, while making the world a better place, this interview is for you!

Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed poet, novelist, translator, mystical scholar and spiritual teacher. He is also the author of dozens of books, including his latest work, “Turn Me to Gold,” a collection of 108 poems of Kabir. I highly encourage you to check out his latest book on Amazon. It could change your life!

The first thing that struck me about Andrew is his desire and unusual ability to bring spirituality down to Earth. Unlike many scholars who, quite literally, live in the clouds, Andrew is passionate about making things better in the physical, here and now. To Andrew, sacred activism is an obligation, not just an option.

As he said, during our interview, “We’re in an overwhelming world crisis. The whole of humanity is threatened. Animals are dying at a stupendous rate. There are billions of people living in abject poverty, while 1% control politics and the media. It’s wonderful that people are waking up to this.”

3 Powerful Messages from Andrew Harvey

During our interview, Andrew shared 3 key messages:

We are all spiritual beings.

Connecting with our essential nature and finding true happiness is possible.

Each of us has an obligation to deal with the crisis that he sees in the world today.

But, while these messages are distinct, they also form a more integrated whole. As Andrew said, “Get going my friends. Connect with the depth of yourself. Whatever age you are, pour out the rest of your life to help the human race get through the most terrible evolutionary challenge of its whole history. And, have a great deal of fun doing it.”

This Powerful Interview Could Change Your Life

This interview was wide-ranging and Andrew and I covered more topics than I can possibly go into here. We discussed the poems of Kabir and how Kabir’s wisdom can be applied to dealing with challenges in the hear-and-now. We talked about the differences (and connections) between religion and spirituality. And, of course, we touched on life after death and the continuum between our time here on Earth and our experience in the afterlife.

I highly encourage you to watch this powerful interview with Andrew Harvey. When you are finished, you can find out more about his work on his website. You can also find his latest book, “Turn Me to Gold” on Amazon.

What did you think of my interview with Andrew Harvey? What does spiritual activism mean to you? Let’s have a conversation.