As we approach our final years, we may think we have everything in order. We have made all of our preparations, but, are we ready to cross to the other side? To delve into this topic, we recently sat down with Linda Fitch, a shaman and personal healing coach who has taught energy medicine for over ten years.

She explains how to use shamanic healing rituals to find inner peace before death for a seamless transition to the other side.

Shamanism in the Modern World

As one of the oldest forms of spiritual practice, shamanism still has many uses in the modern world. It focuses on the connection between our physical bodies and the energy that surrounds them. Understanding this link is the key to using shamanic healing rituals in your everyday life.

Chakras, or energy centers, surround our physical bodies. When we are alive, our chakras are connected to our bodies. However, when we die, the link between our bodies and our energy is broken. Our chakras leave the physical body, and our bodies “go back into the ground,” according to Linda.

So, how does this connection relate to our happiness at the end of our lives?

Regret: The Weight of a Stone

Regret often weighs on us, no matter how old we are. Since our energy is connected with our physical body, any regret or sadness we feel at the end of our lives can affect how we approach death. From an energy perspective, it feels like a rock, and that negativity weighs the body down.

Linda explains, “When we get to that time at the end of our life, it’s that ‘unfinished business,’ – the stuff where we didn’t say the ‘I love you’s’ – you know, the places we haven’t forgiven ourselves, for whatever happened, or we haven’t forgiven another.”

She claims that dealing with all of our regrets now, in our final years, is the key to being present and in the moment with our loved ones when we die.

Using Shamanic Healing in Everyday Life

Many of us are using shamanic healing practices in our everyday lives – we just don’t know it! According to shamanic practice, a spiritual guide accompanies the dying to the other side. The form that this guide takes is different across different cultures. It may take animal form, or it may be a shaman or a death doula.

The spirit guide’s function is to comfort the dying as they cross over. At our age, we have sat at the deathbed of at least one loved one, whether it was a beloved friend or a spouse. By providing this comfort, you have most likely helped a loved one on their spirit flight.

As we get older – and closer to death ourselves – continuing to comfort our loved ones is the best way to prepare ourselves for our own journey. Take a more active role with your friends and loved ones, if you have not done so already.

Ask the hard questions, such as “Do you have any regrets?” or “Would you have done anything differently?” This will help those closest to us find inner peace before they die, and it will also help us recognize and face any unanswered questions we may have ourselves.

You can also physically remove negative energy from your chakras. Linda recommends, either by yourself or with a partner, physically spooling out the negativity from the V-shaped energy centers that lie above our bodies. She explains how to do this in her workshops, and you can find more information on her many services on her website.

Do you have any regrets, or, do you feel like you are ready to take the next step? Do you use shamanic healing practices in your life? What other ways have you spiritually prepared for life after death? Let’s have a conversation!